(Source: KOGO News Partner, 10News)

San Diego Gas and Electric plans to appeal the 1.3 million dollars in punitive damages awarded Wednesday to David Bryant who sued his former employer. 

Bryant was an employee in 2008 when he claims the company told workers to focus on lower income areas of San Diego for collection. He says citizens in higher income neighborhoods were not pursued as aggressively because the homes were more spread out. 

Bryant was earlier was awarded 860,000 for compensatory damages in his lawsuit against SDG&E. A civil jury found SDG&E liable on three of four counts, including wrongful termination and retaliation.

SDG&E plans to appeal the decision. The company released the following statement following the judge's ruling:

“San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) strongly disagrees with the outcome of the trial and we plan to appeal. We believe that the evidence presented at trial showed that we reached the decision to terminate Mr. Bryant’s employment after a comprehensive investigation of allegations that he conducted himself at work in a manner that violated company policies. Forty employees were interviewed as a part of this investigation and it was determined that he engaged in extremely inappropriate conduct for a supervisor. We have numerous channels for employees to report unethical behaviors and all claims are investigated thoroughly. SDG&E investigated Mr. Bryant’s claims and found them to be without merit.”