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KOGO listeners were outraged after hearing what happened when Filner met with a nurse and a wounded female war veteran. Listen here:

Listen below to news conference with a nurse and wounded female veteran seeking help in the mayor's office.

A nurse who takes care of an injured Marine came forward Tuesday with attorney Gloria Allred to say she had been sexually harassed by Mayor Bob Filner in his office.

At a news conference Tuesday, Michelle Tyler said she arranged a meeting with the mayor, her Marine friend and a veterans representative who was not identified.

Tyler said the purpose of the June 11, 2013, meeting was to try to get the mayor to help the Veterans Administration to give help to her friend.

Once the meeting wrapped up, Tyler said the mayor asked everyone but her to leave the room.

She claimed Filner started "rubbing my arm and telling me to relax ... (it) was extremely inappropriate and unacceptable ... I was not there looking for a date."

Tyler said, "His help for Kathryn depended on my willingness" to be with him and it was "absolutely unwanted."

Tyler started to sob when she said Filner should not have used his position of power for making unwanted advances.

"It is wrong, and that is why I am speaking out today," Tyler said.

"I don't appreciate being used as a bargaining chip to be used to fulfill his sexual desires," the injured Marine said.

She said her brain injury from Iraq and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder had left her homeless.

"Mayor Filner has increased the stress level for both of us and made things worse," the veteran said.

Allred said there would be no lawsuit filed by Tyler, but she added they did have an appointment to speak with sheriff's investigators Tuesday afternoon at the attorney general's office.

Allred also said she has asked the city attorney to launch its own investigation into Tyler's experience.

"I think it's time for the city to post a warning sign outside the mayor's office warning women to proceed at their own risk ... that danger may lie ahead if they enter," Allred said. She later held up a sign as an example.

Here is the sign Allred showed reporters: