Two drivers caused a crash that sent a car crashing through a home in Escondido early Thursday morning while a family of four was asleep inside.

The crash occurred at about 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of East Mission Avenue and Pitman Street. According to Escondido police, a Dodge Charger and a GMC pickup truck were westbound on Pitman Street when one of them tried to cut off the other.

Both drivers lost control, sending the Charger careening through a house at 734 Pitman St. The Charger smashed through the front door, destroying an interior wall to the garage.

The GMC truck, meanwhile, smashed into a pickup that was parked in the home’s driveway.

A couple and their two toddler children, a boy and girl, asleep inside at the time were not hurt.

"It was very scary, there was just this large boom, and I thought it was an earthquake but it wasn't an earthquake, it was obviously this car," mother and homeowner Katy Schuster said.

Both drivers, both men in their 20s, were not seriously injured, suffering only minor scrapes and bruises. They were taken into custody on drunken driving charges.

Witnesses told police the two may have been street racing prior to the crash.