photo from media partner 10News

Police Wednesday are searching for a person who reportedly threw a heavy object at two moving cars on northbound Interstate 15 near state Route 78 in Escondido.

In the first incident, a driver noticed a man in his 30s walking along the median. Next thing he remembers, the front part of his car was damaged.

Four hours later, two sisters inside of a vehicle on Tuesday night were also hit in that same area.

Debbie Schroeder said she and her sister, Dana Koenig, were moving along the right lane on north I-15 when they heard a loud pop. The sisters said they quickly realized that a heavy object smashed into their windshield. They continued driving on the freeway and pulled into a Denny's restaurant, where they called 911.

"I was able to look at the windshield, realize what had happened," said Schroeder. "[My sister] said don't pull over."

Koenig said she recalled seeing a dark figure on the side of the road and an arm make a flinging motion.

"From the side of the road, I see a brick come across the windshield and hit so hard that it almost went through," Koenig said.

The two, who were driving home after visiting their mother at the hospital, said they believe whoever threw the object wanted to cause a lot of damage.

"It was not an accident," said Koenig. "They meant to do it and they were trying to hurt somebody."

Both were not injured.

"The action is deplorable and it could have been fatal," said Schroeder.