The crimes occurred on the city's west side late Thursday through Sunday morning, said Capt. Gary Wedge of the Chula Vista Police Department.

In one incident, a man was walking on East Prospect Street shortly after Friday at midnight when he was shot in the back with a BB or pellet.

"I happen to hear a click clack," he told 10News. The man, who did not want to be identified, said seconds later he was shot in the shoulder with either a BB or a pellet.

"I heard dogs barking but as soon as the van came around the corner doing 15 miles an hour, you get that bad gut feeling in your stomach," he said.

His gut was right.

"I was approached by a vehicle doing about 15 miles per hour," he said.

Having already been shot once, the man looked for cover.

"I basically dove in front of a house and they released about two or three more rounds," he said.

Chula Vista Police said the vandals are responsible for shooting out the windows of at least 111 vehicles.

"That has a very real impact to the individuals who own those vehicles," said Wedge. "It's expensive, often difficult to replace because people don't have the extra money."

As for the man who was shot, he will be OK, at least physically.

"I'm just really happy to be alive, that I was struck with a BB gun not an actual firearm," he said.

He described the vehicle in which the suspect was as an older model green GMC Safari or Chevrolet Astro van. Witnesses to the other events similarly described a similar vehicle, Wedge said.

Police are combing through video and released one in which a possible suspect vehicle leaving the area where vehicles were vandalized, he said.

Anyone with information on the case was asked to call the Chula Vista Police Department at (619) 691-5151.