San Diego City Council members Marti Emerald and Myrtle Cole are calling for Mayor Bob Filner to resign immediately.

In a joint statement released Friday afternoon, Emerald and Cole said:

"Mayor Bob Filner must resign immediately.

Disturbing new evidence about the mayor's
conduct makes it crystal clear he can no longer remain the Chief Executive of the city of San Diego.

More than a dozen women have already risked public shame and anguish by telling stories of the Mayors abuse.

Now, additional women in his office are telling investigators about harassment
and abuse they suffered on a daily basis.

Mayor Filner's conduct is reprehensible and cannot be excused.

We were among Mr. Filner's most ardent supporters during his years in Congress, his campaign for Mayor, and during his brief months in office.

We are shocked by his conduct and his lack of respect for women, his employees and the office he holds.

Mr. Filner, without further delay we insist you resign and allow the healing of our city to begin."

The mayor has so far refused resignation demands made by political and business leaders, including the other seven members of the City Council, the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee, former Mayor Jerry Sanders, Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, and Senate Majority Leader Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento.

Filner has been accused of unwanted advances by 14 women, including two city employees and the military veterans who were speaking at an event for females raped while in the armed forces. Some of the women said he tried to kiss and grope them.