Party committee members met Thursday evening and voted 34-6 to ask the 70-year-old Filner to resign amid accusations of sexual harassment.

In asking Filner to step down, committee chairwoman Francine Busby said, "We respect the legal process that is now unfolding ... we are not here to determine guilt or innocence."

In a statement released after last week's meeting, Busby said that, although committee members were divided, there would be grounds for Filner's resignation if the sexual harassment allegations turn out to be true.

"I can share some broad areas of agreement among Democratic Party leaders," she said. "We unequivocally condemn sexual harassment and workplace intimidation. We abhor the actions he is alleged to have taken against women, even as we recognize that all the individuals involved have a legal right to fair hearing."

Earlier in the day, Filner at Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 event, Mayor Filner made an unscheduled appearance and briefly to talked to reporters, including one from U-T San Diego.   “I’d like the city to take a deep breath,” Filner said. “There are allegations and allegations of allegations. Let us get this into a process where everybody, including myself, has a way to make a fair statement, to talk about their view of things, and there’s an impartial investigation and discovery.”