Court documents released Wednesday reveal that kidnapping and murder suspect James DiMaggio tortured and killed the wife and son of his longtime friend. One law enforcement spokesman told KOGO this was one of the worst crimes he has seen in his 30 years in law enforcement.

According to the search warrants and documents, investigators believed early on in the case that DiMaggio, who was 40 years old, had "tortured and killed" Hannah Anderson's mother, Christina Anderson, the ex-wife of DiMaggio's best friend.

In addition to killing Christina Anderson and her son 8-year-old Ethan at his Boulevard home, authorities said DiMaggio also fatally shot the family's dog and set the structure on fire before abducting Christina Anderson's 16-year-old daughter Hannah.

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Authorities said a crowbar was found next to Christina Anderson's body. The boy's body was burned so badly, it took several days to make a positive identification.

The documents revealed that DiMaggio and Hannah communicated with each other via phone at least 13 times.  The report said that Hannah was picked up from cheerleading practice at 4 p.m. the day of the murders, though it is unclear who got her.

Both DiMaggio's and Hannah's phones were shut off at the same time.

Hannah's great aunt told 10News Wednesday that the details from the search warrant were "awful" and that the family is "so sad."


In other developments, the rescued teen from Lakeside who was kidnapped by DiMaggio, took to a social network Tuesday to talk about her ordeal. CLICK HERE for more.

Meantime, the coroner in Idaho who examined DiMaggio's body says he was shot at least 5 times in the head and chest.

Authorities say DiMaggio was armed with at least one weapon when he as shot and killed at his make-shift campsite near 75 mles north of Boise in the Idaho wilderness area.

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore says their investigation shows that DiMaggio fired his gun at least once.

Valley County Coroner Nathan Hess said DiMaggio died at the scene. A final report would take six to eight weeks to complete, he added.

According to a family friend, DiMaggio's body has been cremated.