"I'm a hugger" Mayor Filner says in a TV interview. CLICK HERE to watch.

At a news conference at the Civic Plaza downtown not far from San Diego City Hall, Frye and attorney Marco Gonzalez along with attorney Corey Briggs, read statements from women who say Mayor Filner inappropriately touched them and kissed them. 

Filner is "tragically unsafe for any woman to approach" and "jammed his tongue" down the throat of one woman, on a public street, according to the mayor's former supporters who called a second news conference Monday morning, to demand the mayor resign.

Calling it a "civic nightmare", Frye angrily called on Filner to resign and said women are not safe to be alone with San Diego's mayor.  Frye said Filner's behavior is "not normal".


Filner said he is innocent in a statement released Monday a few hours before the news conference. He has not been available for further comment.

"Sexual harassment occurs when the behavior is unwanted and causes harm," Frye said.  She recounted what she said one victim told her.

The alleged victim was a supporter of the mayor's bid for city office, and volunteered on his campaign, Frye said. Once Filner won, the woman met with him to talk about policy issues.

At a first meeting, she felt uncomfortable when the mayor allegedly asked about her personal life, but she brushed it off, Frye said, because she was "excited to have the ear of the most influential person in town," Frye said.

At a second meeting, as the woman was leaving with the mayor, Frye said the woman told her the mayor said, ‘I want to kiss you, you are so beautiful’ and then he started "jamming her tongue down her throat," Frye said.

The woman didn't want to come off as rude, Frye said, "But this was the mayor who just tried to kiss her."

She reportedly didn't want to leave the mayor alone on the street, so Frye said she let the mayor into her car to drive him home.

That's when, Frye said the woman told her, "The mayor had his hand on the inside of her bra and again tried to put his tongue down her throat."

Frye also recounted what she said another woman told her. That woman's story, along with a third woman's claims, were reported by Team 10 Sunday night.

Gonzalez said Mayor Filner told one woman she would do a better job 'without your panties on.'

“There will be a sexual harassment claim filed,” Gonzalez said. He could not say when. “This is something that will have to go to other authorities.”

The attorneys all said they hope they do not have to file litigation.

The goal is “not to extract money,” Frye said, “but to make sure these women get help.”

“He does not deserve to be the mayor of this city any longer,” Gonzalez said.

He added the group will do whatever it takes to get the mayor to resign - “whether it is criminal, civil or administrative.”

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