Aidan Pankey's family had never even heard of the disease that killed him until he died and they say Petco should have done more to make sure the rat sold to the boy didn't have it.
Aidan loved his family, his friends and his pet rat named Oreo.
"He'd pop her on his shoulder and that little rat would hang on," Aidan's grandmother, Sharon Pankey, said. "It was like she was saying all right! Let's go dad."

It was Aidan's dream for Oreo to have a family of her own but first she needed a mate.

"He said, you know Grammy when Oreo has babies I'm going to be grandpa and you're going to be a great-grandma," Sharon said.
Sharon said Aidan asked if they could stop at the Petco in Carmel Mountain where they picked out a black male rat named Alex and took him home.
"One of the things he loved most, his rat, ended up in him dying because the rat we bought, we found out later, had Rat-bite fever," Sharon said.
According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Rat-bite fever is an infectious disease that can be caused by two different bacteria. It's a rare disease that comes mostly from bites, scratches or handling an infected rodent. And it can be fatal if not treated.
Aidan became sick on a Monday, two weeks after the family bought Alex, and died the next day.