They started listening to what members of the community had to say in City Heights on Tuesday evening.

"I'm here to talk about how bad it is being racially profiled in my neighborhood," said one man about his Normal Heights community.

This comes after a Team 10 report that a mural being painted in the southeastern division was halted after comments were made by officers that it showed "too many black faces."

"We are fully investigating," said SDPD Chief Shelley Zimmerman. She sat in the front row and later approached each person who spoke to talk one-on-one.

The DOJ investigation will focus less on community input and more on the high-profile scandals that have plagued the SDPD.

"We're looking at the reports," said Chuck Wexler, who was hired by the DOJ to build the report. "Today, we spent the day looking inside of these cases."

The cases include that of Anthony Arevelos, who was convicted of sexual misconduct while on the job.

Former officer Chris Hayes is still fighting similar accusations in court. Officer Donald Moncrief is also fighting an allegation of sexual assault.

Zimmerman told 10News the inspection is welcome and will help root out issues while highlighting the department's positives.

"We come in contact with millions upon millions of people a year, and very few people hear about all of those contacts because our officers serve everyday with honor, distinction, dedication, professionalism," said Zimmerman.

The report is expected to be completed in the next six to eight months.

"We've just begun," said Wexler. "We'll let the facts speak for themselves."