A formal statement from San Diego's mayor in response to the campaign to recall him from office was issued through his attorneys. It makes no mention of the allegations against him but says "it's not time to go backwards" but continue to move forward.
As required by the procedures when there is a recall, the office-holder who is the subject of the recall is given a certain amount of time to issue a statement of response. The deadline for that response from Mayor Filner was August 12th.
Spokeswoman Rachel Laing of the Recall Bob Filner campaign says that 'while the response was not received by the official recall campaign, nor is it signed as required by law, we will be following the ordinance governing recall and publishing Filner's response in the U-T San Diego immediately"
Michael Pallamary, head of the effort to recall Filner, issued the following statement regarding the mayor's rebuttal:

"Mayor Bob Filner obviously believes his policy initiatives excuse his being A sexual predator. His reply is unacceptable. San Diegans want a mayor that doesn't grope and demean women, who doesn't abuse his office to satisfy a perverted quest for a sense of power, and who has the ability to lead our great city -- an ability Filner can never, ever reclaim. Our fellow citizens will unite behind our effort to move beyond the great shame our mayor has brought upon our city through his considerable misdeeds. We will recall him from office."

CLICK HERE to read Filner's full response on letterhead from his attorneys.