A teenager reported seeing the great white about two miles off the coast of Windansea Beach in La Jolla.

Fisherman Charlie Saraspe, who's 16 years old, talked to media partner 10News. He says he was on his boat alone Wednesday when he came across the great white shark.

“I was standing on the bow and I was thinking what if a wave hits me right now and I fall in," said Saraspe. "That's no good."

Saraspe took 10News out to the same spot Thursday. 

Saraspe said he was cruising on his boat looking for yellowtail when he came across a giant pool of blood and a half-eaten harbor seal.

He could not believe his eyes when the shark surfaced and whipped its tail.

10News sent Saraspe's footage to Patrick Douglas, a great white shark expert who confirmed that it was a great white.

“Definitely a white shark and that's really exciting," said Douglas. "They're here in big numbers and this is that time of year where they're preying on seals, they're getting fat, they're getting ready for a big migration which happens in December and January."

Douglas said based on his measurements, he estimates the shark to be about 14 feet long. He said surfers statewide should be careful.       

“If you're a surfer early morning surfs and late afternoon surfs -- I'd put that aside for the next two months," said Douglas. "I know that most surfers don't listen to that, but word to the wise do not surf in the morning, do not surf late at night."

Since Saraspe posted his video of the great white shark on Facebook and Instagram, he has gotten hundreds of likes, dozens of comments and a lot of people sharing his vide