10News spoke with an 88-year-old cross-dresser who plans to run for Congress against Juan Vargas.

Stephen Meade wants to be a congressman representing the 51st District, where he amazingly took 31 percent of the vote during the June primary against Democratic incumbent Vargas.

"Had I had the endorsement, I would have 40 or 45 percent," Meade said.

He wanted to be endorsed by his party, fellow conservatives, the Republicans.

"I called them, I called them, I emailed them. And I didn't know where the hell they were in Rancho Bernardo … I would have gone to see them. They never returned my call. They never returned my email," he said.

Meade says now he does not need them. He is running on lowering minimum wage to open more jobs for teens and the elderly, adjusting Social Security for the very wealthy and fighting cable and Internet providers for a fair market.

It is something he says he has waited his whole life for.

"Here's the first chance it came … fell together," Meade said. "I paid the $1,700 and I got on the ballot. Now it just so happens that I wear women's clothes."