The San Diego Police Department said the incident occurred just after midnight in the 4500 block of El Cajon Boulevard near Hoover High School. According to officers, two men were walking home when a car pulled up to them and two men jumped out and approached them.

One of the culprits produced a baseball bat, and the other said he had a gun, and demanded that the victims hand over their property and belongings. The victims then tried to make a run for it. The attackers caught up to the men and one victim had his pockets frisked by the man claiming to have a gun. The second victim was then struck several times in the head with the bat.

A woman driving in the area saw what was occurring, drove up to help and honked her horn. That is when the two attackers jumped in a nearby car, where a third man was waiting, and drove off. The victim suffered a large gash on his head and was taken by paramedics to Scripps Mercy Hospital.

Officers say the attackers left the scene without taking anything.