Officers say the robber entered the Verizon store just before 8 p.m. Tuesday. He wore a hoodie and a bandana to disguise his identity. Officers and police dogs searched from the ground and air units were called in immediately to locate the robber.

Local cab driver Jason Hunter witnessed the thief enter and leave the store. He called 911 immediately. "He ran in with the gun saying, 'Give me the money and the phones,'" said the clerk.

He said the robber demanded cash and phones and then struck him several times using the handle of his gun."That's when he said, 'I'll give you 10 seconds, or I'll shoot you', then pointed the gun at my body and my head. He started counting down … he was like, 'Ten, nine, eight' and that's when he hit me in the same spot like two or three times," said the clerk.

Five days ago, a similar armed robbery took place at a Sprint store in Poway. The San Diego County Sheriff's department released surveillance video of the crime. 10News showed it to the Verizon clerk, who says he believes the robber in the video is the same man who robbed him.