It happened Oct. 27 off the coast of Camp Pendleton during a trip to the beach with his wife and daughter.

Marine Jeff Fangman just moved to California from the Gulf Coast and thought he'd do some fishing. His wife grabbed their daughter and their camera when he got a bite. Fangman is an experienced shark fisherman, and in the gulf, he has pulled most everything out of the water. "Bull sharks, tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, lemon sharks," he said.

But this is not the gulf. He reeled in a young female great white shark. It is the first he has ever caught and to his knowledge, the first ever reeled in from the beach in the United States. Great whites are illegal for fisherman to target, so Fangman got a few more seconds of video and dragged it back, hands on his head as his greatest catch swam away.

Fangman said the whole process took about 25 minutes and he was exhausted by the time he let the shark go.