Media partner 10News has learned that members of the mayor's security detail have provided information to authorities, regarding the mayor taking different women to a popular downtown San Diego hotel.       

The word from Filner's lawyers on Friday came after Filner's chief of staff said he had completed a 2-week treatment program and that she had the locks changed in the mayor's offices.

On Friday, August 9th, Chief of Staff Lee Burdick said that Filner had begun his two weeks of "intensive" therapy one week earlier than when he announced he would due to "intense media coverage and that he was returning to San Diego,

Filner said at a July 26th news conference that he would begin his two-week therapy session on August 5 and be back in the office on August 19th.

Filner's attorneys on Friday issued a statement saying that the mayor would be continuing his treatment as an out-patient and and that he will be "taking personal time next week and will be unavailable for comment."

Meantime, Burdick sent an email to the Voice of San Diego late Friday saying that she had the locks changed in the mayor's offices "to protect the mayor while he is concern is/was that if anything was removed while the mayor was away, it could raise all kinds of questions about preservation or spoliation of potential evidence. Because I could not possibly determine everyone who had keys, I believed it was necessary to ensure the integrity of his physical office in his absence. The mayor will be given the keys upon his return."

Earlier that same day, August 9th, the last two members of the council who had not called on Filner to resign, did so. Marti Emerald and Myrtle Cole issued a joint statement. CLICK HERE to read.

Also on the same day, California U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer released a sharply worded open letterto Filner.

“Let me be clear: The latest revelations regarding your behavior toward women recovering from sexual assault – women who desperately need our help – have shaken me to my core,” Boxer said.

Filner has been accused of unwanted advances by 14 women, including two city employees and military veterans who were speaking at an event for females raped while in the armed forces. Some of the women said he tried to kiss and grope them.

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