Sheriff's deputies arrested the mother of two toddlers who drowned in a swimming pool at an East County home where the three had been staying with a family friend.

In May, the toddlers' mother, Tassie Behrens, woke up and was unable to find her daughter, 1-year-old Harley Bradford and her son, two-year-old Jason Bradford. Police said she found the children unconscious in the swimming pool in the back yard. She pulled the children from the pool and along with a friend, drove them to a nearby fire station.

Paramedics worked to revive the children and transported them to a hospital. Harley was pronounced dead a short time later. Jason also died after being transported to Rady Children's Hospital.

Behrens initially told investigators the children were at a pool at a mobile home park, but later admitted they drowned at the residence in the 10011 block of Sunset Avenue in La Mesa. In their investigation, authorities discovered a marijuana grow in the basement.

Authorities said Tassie Behrens was being booked on two counts of felony child abuse and multiple felony drug charges including possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale. She will also be booked on a misdemeanor charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance.