Poll: Were police justified in escorting breastfeeding mom with infant out of the Brad Paisley concert?

The woman, Megan Christopherson, is a Navy wife and she told KOGO News she was escorted out of Thursday night's Brad Paisley concert after police said she was endangering her baby.

The incident at Sleep Train Amphitheatre was caught on video. The 10-minute video shows her being confronted by an officer and then being taken outside.  She has her baby, who's sleeping, in a carrier during the incident. 

On the video, the Chula Vista police officer can be seen telling her that she needed to leave the area for the safety of the child. However, shetells the officer that, before she was pulled out, a security guard told her to stop breastfeeding, and even took a photo of her.

“Your child doesn't have hearing protection on,” the officer can be heard saying. “The crowd is going to start surging forward. Where you're at, your child can get crushed. So we're afraid of your child getting crushed, and we're afraid of your child's eardrums being hurt, OK. That is borderline, probably, child endangerment."

“You have two options, they can reseat you somewhere else, where you can be safe, or you can get a refund on your tickets.”

“Do you know that the security guards asked me to stop breastfeeding my child?” she asks.

“This has nothing to do with the breastfeeding… I’m explaining to you, it’s your child getting crushed with everyone getting pushed forward.”

 Christopherson says to the officer that she was in the pit at a Tim McGraw concert a few weeks ago and was not asked to leave.

The officer offers to move her to a safer location or refund her ticket and she chooses to ask for a full refund.

Chula Vista police issued the following statement Friday morning regarding the incident:

Last night at the Brad Paisley concert, amphitheater security notified Live Nation Management that there was a female in the "pit" area with an infant baby strapped to her chest. The female was near the stage wall area and mere feet away from the speakers. Security asked the female patron to move from the "pit" area due to the danger to the infant child (crushing from potential crowd surge and excessive noise level from the adjacent speaker). The female refused to leave the area.

CVPD officers were summoned to the area to check the welfare of the infant. She was advised of the danger posed to her infant child (crowd surg e and excessive noise) if she remained in the pit area. She was presented with two options; she could be relocated to a seated area (free of charge) or receive a full refund. The female elected a full refund and left the venue.

The Chula Vista Police Department's involvement in the incident was due to the welfare and safety of the infant and not due to a mother's legal right to breastfeed in public.