picture courtesy of 10News

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner says he has a plan to clear the smelly air caused by bird droppings on rocks in La Jolla.

The smell problem has been an issue with business owners for years and Filner says the fix could come in a few weeks.

"People down here don't mind listening to the barks of the seals," said Cindy Walby. "The smell of the seals and the birds, that's a different story."

Walby said it's especially bad for people dining in an area close to the rocks.

But while business owners are happy that the mayor is saying he plans to clean things up, many are unsure whether it will get done.

Walby and her husband are visitors from Kansas City and an example of yet another couple who say there's no way they can eat outside, anywhere close to the feces covered rocks stinking up a chunk of the coast.

The mayor says he feels their pain.

His plan is to vacuum the feces from the rocks, which he says can have the rocks smelling fresh by Memorial Day.

Some residents questioned the method.

"Nah, that's not gonna work," sad Simon Oaks, a resident.

There are also other questions.

"Yes, but is it going to drive all of the wildlife away," Walby said. "What's going to happen to them?"

The vacuuming idea, according to the mayor, is approved by environmental groups and that the birds and seals will stay put.

Filner says the vacuuming is only a temporary fix and that he'll continue to work on finding a more permanent solution.