Photo provided by media partner 10News.

San Diego police said they are searching for a man who shot an expectant mother several times Sunday night.  Officers said the shooting occurred at about 6:30 p.m. just outside of the Trolley Court Residential Hotel at 940 Park Blvd.

“I just heard three shots, ‘pow pow pow,’” witness Veronica McNeil told 10News. 

Outside near the sidewalk, a .22 caliber shell casing remained on the ground.

“When I opened the door, the girl came in and said she was shot in her stomach. So I let her in. She's pregnant ... that's as far as I know,” McNeil added.

San Diego police investigators stayed at the scene for several hours after the shooting, talking with potential witnesses near the scene.  

Police said they are unclear if the two knew each other or if it was a random shooting.

Meanwhile, a search for that man who left in that older white truck is now underway.

Police say the woman and unborn baby was expected to be okay.