Parents received an email from the principal at a San Diego elementary school informing them that their students would not be allowed to ask each other out.

Principal Liz Sloan sent parents of the 5th grade students at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School in San Diego an email saying that some students were pressuring other students to ask someone out and that it was creating an uncomfortable learning environment.

Here is the email received by one of the parents.

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

This morning Vice Principal Morici and I had a brief assembly with the 5th grade to address a problem that has come to our attention. Some of the students are playing a game where the winner directs the loser to ask someone out. Some of the boys have been pressured into asking girls out. At the least this is a kind of negative peer pressure and at the most it might be considered bullying. Some girls have been asked out repeatedly and are feeling harassed. There has also been other drama related to who has a “crush” on whom. Needless to say all this is creating an uncomfortable learning environment and distracting the students from their learning.

This morning we told the students that there will be no romance in 5th grade. They are not allowed to ask anyone out. They are not allowed to talk about who they have a crush on or send messages saying that they like someone. I told the students we cannot have any boy/girl drama and I emphasized that their purpose here at school is to learn in an unthreatening environment.

Thank you for your support,

Liz Sloan


When reached by phone by KOGO News, the principal confirmed that she sent out the email but had nothing to say about it.

KOGO's LaDona Harvey interviewed one of the parents at the school who received the email but who wanted to remain anonymous.