Photo courtesy media partner 10News.

San Diego woman claims she was a victim of an attack that may be affiliated with a violent "game" being played by teens nationwide, called "The Knockout Game".

The so-called game includes a victim who is meticulously preyed upon and physically attacked by a teen perpetrator with the goal of "knocking-out" his or her victim.

Namee Kim, a Japanese immigrant who has lived in San Diego for five-years told media partner 10News that she was attacked and believes she was a victim of "The Knockout Game". Kim says it was the most bizarre incident that has ever happened to her. While exiting a bathroom in a downtown bar on Fifth Street, she was suddenly attacked by a woman who punched her in the jaw for no apparent reason.

Kim told 10News she was then sucker-punched by a second woman who was believed to be an accomplice of the initial attacker. She says she suffered a bruised forehead and a chipped tooth, and reported the attacks to police who detained one of the women.