Amidst recent controversy, San Diego's top cop has announced he is stepping down.

Here's the official release from the San Diego police department.

To All Media:

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne is announcing his retirement from the San Diego Police Department, effective Monday March 3, 2014. 

The Chief has served the citizens of San Diego for over 10 years and has successfully led the Department through countless critical events.

Although Mayor Elect Kevin Faulconer did not ask for the Police Chief to resign, Chief Lansdowne felt it was time to do so.  The Chief absolutely supports the new Mayor and believes in his vision and direction for the City.

This was a difficult decision for Chief Lansdowne to make as he considers San Diego his home and truly values the citizens of this city and the employees who work here.

Here's the response from the Interim Mayor Todd Gloria.

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria today distributed a statement following the resignation of William Lansdowne as Chief of the San Diego Police Department. "William Lansdowne has served San Diego exceptionally well throughout his 10 years as our Chief of Police.

His leadership led to our lowest crime rate since the 1960s, his hallmark calm demeanor helped get the San Diego Police Department and our City through challenging financial cutbacks, and he remains a respected national expert on public safety.

I’m grateful for his tremendous contributions to San Diego and wish him well in retirement,” said Interim Mayor Todd Gloria. “It is my hope that a national search that includes significant community input will be performed to select the next police chief.

The City Council and I stand ready to help the Mayor-Elect ensure the San Diego Police Department has stable leadership and continues to be America's Finest."