photo from media partner 10News

A skateboarder died in Pacific Beach on Monday after he lost control of his skateboard and slid into traffic.

Authorities have not officially released the man's identity, but friends at the scene identified him as Wilhem Oben. Friends told 10News that Oben was in the Navy and had just gotten out.

The crash occurred at about 5:45 p.m. on Garnet Avenue near Lamont Street, according to a San Diego police spokesman. Police say Oben was going too fast down the hill toward the intersection.

"He lost control, and his body went into the flowing traffic and that Jeep right over there hit him," said a witness identified as George.

According to detectives, the driver of the Jeep never saw the skateboarder coming. In fact, they say it was more like Oben hit the Jeep.

It was a story that Oben's girlfriend apparently agreed with.

"His girlfriend was riding on her bike and she saw everything," said witness Stephanie Menendez.

Menendez added, "Paramedics came and they tried to resuscitate him but they kind of just gave up because he wasn't responding."  

The victim died at the scene, SDPD Officer Dino Delimitros said. No other injuries were reported.