Warm and mostly sunny weather in San Diego County today is expected to give way to potentially damaging winds and rainfall that could cause flooding later this week as a strong Pacific storm moves into the region.

Rain may start falling late Thursday night into Friday morning. Strong winds and heavier rain will begin Friday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. The strongest wind gusts Friday are expected to be 32 miles per hour in Borrego Springs; 47 mph in Escondido; 48 mph in Alpine; 49 mph in Ramona; 52 mph in Oceanside; 53 mph in San Diego and in the Miramar area; 55 mph in Julian; 58 mph on Palomar Mountain; and 70 mph on Mount Laguna, according to the NWS. 

Anticipated rainfall amounts through Saturday are expected to be .65 of an inch in Borrego Springs; 1.39 inches in the city of San Diego; 1.40 inches in Escondido; 1.42 inches in Ramona; 1.44 inches on Mount Laguna; 1.48 inches in the Miramar area; 1.60 inches in Alpine; 1.61 inches in Julian; 1.69 inches in Oceanside; and 2.12 inches on Palomar Mountain, according to the NWS.

Forecasters said localized flooding was probable with the heaviest rain.The San Diego, Santa Margarita and Tijuana rivers will likely record significant flows, and the San Diego and Santa Margarita rivers may reach flood levels early Saturday, forecasters said. The Tijuana River watershed may also be prone to flooding.

Once the soil becomes saturated, flooding may also occur at low water crossing, near stream banks, in poorly draining urban areas and below recently burned locales. Rock slides may close some steep rural highways, according to the NWS.The winds are expected to weaken and the rainfall will lighten up Saturday. Some showers may linger into Sunday, but the region should dry out by Monday, according to the NWS.

Photo Credit: Getty Images