photo from media partner 10News

A group of six swimmers completed the challenge of a lifetime on Monday evening, swimming from Santa Barbara to San Diego. They also broke a world record for open water relay swim.

"This is going to sound crazy, but it was fun," Zach Jirkovsky told 10News.

Jirkovsky and his friends started Friday morning at 6 a.m. Another friend, Mike Trevino, raced them on land. 10News was there at the end of his 265 miles as he made it to the finish line.

"The personal challenge of something like that I found interesting," said Trevino.

Their biggest enemy was not necessarily sharks but jellyfish, so they slathered on jellyfish repellant.

"Instead of hundreds of stings, we got maybe 50 a day," said swimmer Phil Cutti.

The goal was to raise $228,000 for the Monarch Schools for homeless children and the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Swimmer Grace Van Der Byl said, "They do so much for us and with everything our country goes through right now it's so nice to be able to give a little bit back. And then I was thinking, it's so appropriate, if you're going to do something for the Navy SEALs then you got to have tough conditions. It can't be easy."