(Brooklyn) The brother of Katie Allen has filed a lawsuit against the Cracker Barrel Restaurant chain. Allen and her two daughters were fatally shot by her husband Kevin last April inside the restaurant.

Terry Gilbert is the lawyer representing the family. He says the lawsuit was filed because the restaurant management didn't do enough that night to protect the female victims in the shooting that was a result of domestic violence.

 Gilbert told WTAM 1100's Bob Frantz that Kate told a manager she was in danger,even showing the manager a shot-gun shell Kevin had given to her as a threat. Gilbert says a friend also contacted management that night and told them Kate and the girls should be hidden from Kevin. Management did not want to intervene in the family issue.

Kevin Allen left the restaurant briefly that night, a few minutes later he returned with a firearm and fatally shot his wife and daughters. Kevin was later killed by police gunfire as he tried to drive away after the attack.
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