(Cleveland) Monday was a great first day of the 2013-2014 school year for several reasons. Schools CEO Eric Gordon says the passage of the 15-mill levy last November kicked off many exciting things for the district. Gordon says unlike the past several years this year teachers are being hired, and class sizes are being reduced. The district also no longer has the threat of lay-offs, shortened school days or other budget cuts.

Gordon says everything ran smoothly on Monday. Busses were mostly running on time aside for a few minor problems which he says is normal. Food service went fine, safety and security went fine, and the enrollment hotlines were up and running.

There is a lot of optimism across the community about the district since the levy passed and Mayor Frank Jackson's sweeping school improvement plan was implemented.

The Cleveland Police are working with school leaders to help keep the district safe. Gordon says every year the police partner with several agencies to release the booklet that details their strategies for keeping students safe. The 2013-2014 Cleveland School Safety Plan was released on Monday.
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