(Sandusky)–  A nightmare situation at Cedar Point this weekend had nothing to do with the spooks at HalloWeekends…but rather what happened after.

When the park closed at Midnight Saturday, there was a huge traffic jam that left some people trapped for more than four hours trying to exit the parking lot.

Amy Ford tells Newsradio WTAM 1100's Darren Toms that she and her college roommate left Cedar Point at 10:45 PM. It took them four hours to get to a main road and up to speed.

Ford says it was so crowded at HalloWeekends that the two had to walk arm-in-arm to avoid getting separated.

When they left, the parking lot attendant did not let them turn left into traffic leaving Cedar Point. Instead, Ford says they drove four miles north and THEN joined the southbound traffic.

Ford says they were two 19-year-old girls stopped in pitch black with dying cell phones and worried about gasoline.

Many took to social media with their complaints. 

Park owner Cedar Fair released the following statement:

On Saturday, October 12, Cedar Point experienced a large crowd with the combination of perfect weather, the Columbus Day holiday and our annual HalloWeekends event.

While guests were attempting to park their vehicles, and subsequently, leave the park at the end of their day, they experienced a longer than normal delay in our parking lot and on our causeway. Like sporting events, concerts and other events where large crowds gather, guests leave around the same time creating a backup.

Our current parking procedures and traffic patterns are in place to safely direct vehicles in and out of our parking lot, as safety is our primary concern. However, we are aware that the delay on Saturday, October 12 was not normal.

We are currently reviewing our parking and traffic procedures in an effort to deliver a better guest experience.

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