(Akron) - The end of an era for the 'Spirit Of Goodyear' blimp. The Akron-Based airship is being retired this weekend following 14 years in service.

The blimp will launch for it's final flight in Ohio Thursday before heading down south to cover some college football games with it's final destination at the Goodyear facility in Pompano Beach, Florida where it will stay in retirement.

Goodyear spokesman Doug Grassian says the blimp, like many Ohioans, is becoming a 'snowbird' with it's retirement to Florida.

The airship has covered many big sporting events including the Kentucky Derby, MLB playoffs, the NBA Finals, countless top rated college football games and NFL games.

Goodyear first broadcast an event from a blimp in 1955 at the Rose Bowl Parade in 1955.

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