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ANOTHER sexual accusation against former SDPD officer Hays

ANOTHER sexual accusation against former SDPD officer Hays
Posted March 14th, 2014 @ 6:40am

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SAN DIEGO - Some graphic details about allegations against Christopher Hays, the former San Diego police officer at the center of a sex scandal, are now coming to light.

Dan Gilleon, a local attorney for three of seven alleged victims told 10News on Thursday that one of his clients claims Hays blocked a doorway, opened his pants and performed a sex act in front of her -- forcing her to watch. The incident reportedly happened last June during a domestic violence call.

"She is a long-term victim of domestic violence and in this particular case, the police went to her house to save her after being beat up," Gilleon said. "And they found the person that was beating her up -- he was on the roof -- and it was a big scene. And they took him away and all the police left, except for Mr. Hays."

The allegations are serious and are part of a larger investigation into Hays' conduct as a police officer. Seven women claim Hays either sexually harassed or assaulted them while he was on duty. Hays has since resigned from the police force.

Charges surrounding these particular allegations involving a domestic violence call are pending. And the investigation is far from over.

"We fully expect that those charges will be coming," Gilleon said. "It's just that it takes a little bit of time to develop those cases and to file criminal charges."

Investigators at police headquarters know about the woman -- in fact they are the ones who found her -- but they don't know about the claim that will soon be filed against Hays and the city.

Two years ago, the city was faced with a sex scandal involving former officer Anthony Arevalos who is now serving prison time. In 2012, Arevalos was sentenced to almost nine years in prison for demanding sexual favors from women he pulled over on suspicion of drunken driving in the Gaslamp Quarter.

A woman also claims that in 2002 a police supervisor sexually harassed her in front of a trainee. She said the incident happened during a traffic stop in the Gaslamp Quarter and that she had been scared to tell her story for more than a decade.

William Lansdowne, San Diego's former police chief, resigned from his post a few weeks ago. Mayor Kevin Faulconer said it was a decision that Lansdowne made on his own. Critics had been calling for the police chief to step down.

Faulconer was quick to appoint Shelley Zimmerman to be the new police chief. She is San Diego's first female police chief.

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