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Do YOU have what it takes to be a firefighter? VIDEO

Posted April 21st, 2014 @ 5:46am

Due to heightened fire risks from this year's drought, 400 firefighters expected to be hired by Cal-Fire.

Think YOU have what it takes? Below is video of a normal citizen attempting the physical requirement test to become a firefighter in Orange County.


(Candidate Physical Ability Test). This is a rigorous test that will require you to demonstrate your speed, agility, strength, and endurance. The test generally includes 8 exercise drills that must be completed in 10 minutes and 20 seconds or less and is evaluated on a pass or fail basis only. You will also have to complete the test while wearing a 50 lb. vest, long pants, a hard hat, and other heavy equipment. Though you should check the exact CPAT requirements, you should be able to complete the following tasks

  • The stair climb. Climb 60 steps for 3 minutes with two 12.5 lb. weights on each shoulder.

  • The hose drag. Place the end of a 200 ft. hose on your shoulder and drag it around various barriers until the 50 ft. hose mark crosses a finish line.

  • The equipment carry. Carry two saws 75 ft. around a barrier and return them to the starting point.

  • The ladder raise. Walk to the top rung of a 24 ft. ladder up a stationary wall.

  • The forcible entry. Use a 10 lb. sledgehammer to strike a measuring device until a buzzer sounds.

  • The search. Crawl on hands and knees in a tunnel maze.

  • The rescue drag. Drag a heavy mannequin around a barrier.

  • The ceiling breach and pull. Use a pike pole to push up a hinged door and a ceiling device.


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