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PJ determines which employee is more valuable, Part-Timer vs Full-Timer

Posted August 6th, 2014 @ 7:56am
These are paid days off that the majority of CA workers qualify for under the law.
You can accrue as much as 6 weeks paid vacation and 2 weeks paid sick days but normally accrue 2 weeks of vaca and 1 week of sick days per year.
10 paid holidays
1 paid spirit day
1 week "sick" days per year
3 paid bereavement days
All women in the state qualify for 6 weeks paid maternity leave each year and many companies are now offering similar plans for men.
So let's be conservative and add up all the possible hours missed for a qualifying FT employee in a single year of employment (not counting accrued numbers- which would make the paid time off MUCH higher).
80 hours-----  10 paid holidays
80 hours-----   2 weeks paid vacations
8 hours -----   1 spirit day
40 hours ----  1 week paid sick days
24 hours ----- 3 paid bereavement days
240 hours ----6 weeks paid paternity / maternity days 
Full-Timer would work 2080 hours a year if they took no days off but if you subtract the number of qualifying paid time off above:
 1608 total hours worked
Part-Timer can legally work 1560 hours per year without receiving a single benefit from above list!


1560 for PT vs 1608 for a FT who procreated and had a loved one die...which employee is more useful to the company? If you factor in a worker who's built up more days off, you can end up with numbers as low as 1400 hours worked in a year for a Full-Timer! So in that case you would be getting 160 more hours from a part-timer who gets none of the above benefits! SHOCKING!

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