No matter what you think of conservative anti-Obama author and filmmaker and La Jollan Dinesh D’Souza, and no matter what you think of Costco, there is a lesson to learn from the flap between the two.

As reported by the U-T, Costco has decided to re-stock D’Souza’s new book, called America, which rips President Obama and liberals.  A week ago, Costco removed the book from its stores with some saying it’s because the co-founder of Costco is an Obama  supporter.

Costco denies politics had anything to do with it.  They say the book has made it to the top seller lists so it was a business decision to re-stock it.

D’Souza told the U-T it was intolerable censorship and says a grass roots campaign forced Costco to start selling his book again.

So what do we learn from all this?

That D’Souza has a right to publish and sell a controversial book.  And that Costco has a right to sell or not sell whatever books they want.

And that the public on the right and the left have a right to wage protests against D’Souza or Costco.

That’s what free speech is all America.