It’s a dog attack that has attracted worldwide attention.

It’s the case of a pit bull that viciously attacked, mauled and disfigured a 4-year-old boy in the backyard of a home in Phoenix.

The pit bill was supposed to have been euthanized earlier this month because it been declared a vicious dog for the way it attacked the boy…and because the pit had also killed a puppy a few months ago.

But a restraining order delayed the euthanasia after a campaign began to save the dog, a campaign that has collected close to 50,000 signatures on an on-line petition to save Mickey the pit bull.

But when you look at the way Mickey attacked Kevin the 4-year-old boy, there is good reason to go ahead with the euthanasia.  

The dog attack on the little boy was described as vicious with intent to kill.

The boy should not have been in the backyard but when a dog exhibits this kind of behavior in an attack, putting it down is justified.

And those behind the campaign to save the pit bull have allowed their love for dogs to replace common sense.