One of the best known proverbs about pride going before a fall…sure tells the story of former war hero and Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham.


His fall came nearly 10 years ago when he was caught and pleaded guilty in one of the largest bribery cases ever involving a member of Congress.


And now that he is officially a free man, after serving eight years in prison and time in a halfway house, we probably won’t hear about him anymore.


Because no one cares anymore. 


But there was a time once when Cunningham was at the top of his game, a Top Gun flying ace in the Vietnam War and a respected member of Congress with lots of power and influence.


And while he certainly bears full responsibility for what he did, there were people around him who tempted him and wanted to use him.


And when that happens, self-importance and pride can set you on a path toward a big fall and Cunningham took one.


But it could be that what he went through could end up warning and helping others anyway.