In a conversation this weekend, some friends were asking… what is the deal with this unusual spring weather in San Diego?

For the second time this spring, another heat wave is here with strong winds during a month that normally means lots of clouds and even drizzle and that we call May Gray.

Last week, President Obama told TV weathermen who he invited to the White House that our unusual heat and other unusual happenings are clear signs that climate change is real.

But then prize-winning political cartoonist Michael Ramirez chimed in this week.

His cartoon showed a teacher crossing out on a chalkboard one after the other of the different names the President and others have used over the years to describe what he talked to the TV weather guys about.

From Global Warming to Global Cooling to Climate Change to Climate Disruption to Dramatic changes in temperature and the state of the atmosphere.

And in the cartoon, a small kid then writes on the board the words, “that’s called….weather.”

Maybe smart kids will be invited to the White House next.