Everyone wants to know and everyone is asking the same question.

How does the most modern and advanced commercial jetliner just disappear from the sky without someone or some thing or some system not knowing where it went.

In a world where we can track each other’s location on our cell phones and where satellites can read license plates from space and where drones can target terrorists inside cars and buildings…how can it be that we can’t find a huge jetliner?

The problem is so many of us have come to believe that someone is always watching everyone and everything.

The NSA secret spying scandal has contributed to it…and so have the movies and TV shows that depict sophisticated tracking devices and cameras everywhere.

In other words, we can’t believe that a big jetliner can just disappear.

So that’s why we have so many conspiracy theories about what happened.

Because you see…we have to come up with some kind of explanation…even if it’s pretty far out there.

The mystery of Malaysian Flight 370 has forced us to confront the fact that maybe we’re not as in control as we think we are…and that’s what really makes us feel uncomfortable.