It was one year ago that Bob Filner defiantly announced his resignation after being accused by more than 20 women of sexually harassing them and inappropriately touching them.

In one way it feels like yesterday, but in another way, it feels like a long time ago.  Remember?

One time ally Donna Frye came out and demanded Filner resign.

And a few months later, he went before the city council and resigned…and said he was sorry and apologized for what he did, but then basically said he didn’t really do anything wrong.

And now a year later, just when we thought all of this was out of the headlines...the Filner scandal has re-emerged with a new lawsuit by one of the women and reports of his testimony during a deposition in another woman’s lawsuit that he doesn’t remember doing anything wrong.

Filner was charged, pleaded guilty and served a brief sentence of house confinement and he remains on probation, but did he really learn anything? 

Donna Frye knew what she was talking about when she famously said…Bob Filner is to blame.

And even now after a year, you have to wonder if Bob Filner would agree.