We are getting hit with one of the bigger winter storms in San Diego history, but don’t be surprised if you hear from friends and family back east who may not have a lot of sympathy for us.

Back east, they’ve had a winter they won’t soon forget and they’ve got more sub-zero temperatures and snow on the way.

So don’t expect them to feel sorry for us as we are pounded by heavy rain and strong winds for a day or so.

But for us, this is a doozy of a storm, probably the worst in three years with a month’s worth of rain in maybe one day.

They may chuckle back east, but one local TV reporter was quoting weather forecasters as saying that it may be a good day to stay home from work because of the storm.

But no matter how many problems we have from this storm, most people seem to be welcoming it.

And that’s because, with severe drought conditions, this is just what we need.  

So bring it on.