So what is Cinco de Mayo?

Some say it’s just a Mexican version of St. Patrick’s Day.  

Others say it’s a kind of Mexican  4th of July.

And some say Cinco de Mayo is kind of a Mexican spring break.

Well, Cinco de Mayo may be a little bit of all of those, but what it’s become is more of an American festival than a Mexican one.

A Google search of cities with special events for Cinco de Mayo…proves that Cinco de Mayo is not something celebrated only in California and in other border and western states.

From Jersey City, New Jersey…to…Milwaukee, Wisconsin… to… Columbus Georgia, there are Cinco de Mayo celebrations going on.

It’s become a day in America to enjoy Mexican food , drink and culture.

Ironically, Cinco de Mayo is not the same in Mexico…where it’s more about what it really is…the day that commemorates an historic Mexican military victory over the French army on May 5th 1862.

Here in San Diego….Cinco de Mayo is a time to appreciate living in a place that shares more with Mexican culture than any other American city.