So here we go again, hang on to your light sabre and watch out for the Batmobile….Comic Con is underway.

San Diego’s largest annual convention officially opens today and while the headlines will focus on the wild, the wacky and the weird…along with TV and movie celebrities, and the newest video games, the real news about Comic Con has to do with numbers.  And they’re big numbers.

150-thousand people take part in Comic Con in and outside the convention center.

177-million dollars is the estimate of dollars Comic Con brings to the local economy this week.

2.6 million dollars in tax revenue goes into city and county coffers from Comic Con.

So it is a big deal and that’s why when Comic Con organizers were thinking about moving the convention to Orange County, it got the attention of city officials and the tourism industry.

Chances are now that San Diego will do all it can to make sure that Comic Con remains the iconic and economic event it is and has been for years.