What’s been going on in the town of Ferguson Missouri is proof that what San Diego’s new police chief is doing is the right thing.

Not only does Chief Shelley Zimmerman go out in the community and talk to people, she is not afraid to boldly say what she will not tolerate on her police force.

But one of her best decisions is her full support of getting all cops to one day wear body cameras while on duty. A Wall Street Journal story this week said the use of body cameras on cops in the town of Rialto here in California helps protect both cops and citizens because the cameras can show what each did and not what they say they did.

Now, while the use of body cameras by cops in Ferguson would have reduced a lot of the questions about what happened…they probably would not have prevented all the rioting.…because that has more to do with the moral character of a few.

But it’s been said that to police your character, whatever you do, act as if the whole world is watching you do it.  And that is good advice in Ferguson and everywhere.