If you’re a politician, you should know that you’re not good for a lot of people’s blood pressure.

A new study as reported by the UT by several organizations including the Harvard School of Public Health says about half of people surveyed in the U.S say that hearing about what politicians and the government are doing stresses them out.

And the study says 40 percent of people say they get stressed out watching reading or listening to the news.

Now if you’re a politician what should that tell you?

It should tell you several things.

That arguing with each other about what to do stresses people out.

And that not doing enough to solve the problems you’re arguing about stresses people out.

And that spending most of your time arguing and not doing enough to solve enough problems stresses people out.

So what do people do when something or somebody stresses them out?  They avoid that something or somebody

Maybe that’s why they say that politicians can lose touch with the voters.

It’s because voters have had it with all the politicians who stress them out.