If you spend time on Facebook, you know that one of the favorite things for people to post are photos or videos of their dogs and cats.

Not being a big lover of such critters, it’s hard to plug into why there is this overwhelming desire by so many pet owners to show the world their animals.

There are dozens and dozens of photos posted  every day on Facebook of dogs running around and cats jumping around.

So when I decided to have some fun myself and post a comment about asking my Facebook friends to limit their dog and cat pictures to once a month, you would have thought I’d done something like that CEO caught on video kicking a dog.

Friends had names for me and suggestions for me and some expressed concerns that I was losing it.

After all, how could anyone not like cute little pictures of cute little dogs and cats.

The point is there are just too many of them.  An occasional dog or cat photo is okay, but Facebook is suffering from a pet picture overdose.

What’s next?  One of those 10-question quizzes about what kind of dog or cat you would be?  I hope not.