Some of the reporters in Ferguson Missouri could use some lessons in how to cover a story without becoming part of the story.

They all know that whenever TV cameras show up, people who are protesting, protest more. Been that way since the Vietnam War protests of the 60’s.

So TV news people need to be extra careful not to make a bad situation worse. But if you saw some of the coverage on CNN the last few nights, they’re not worried about that.

Reporters like Jake Tapper and Don Lemon, who are supposed to report the news…are instead trying to make news…..offering their judgments about what police are doing and making sure their conversations with cops asking them to move away for their own safety are all caught on camera. And making a big deal of getting caught in some of the tear gas that was used to dispel a crowd.

Now having covered demonstrations years ago, where tear gas was used, if you’re there covering it, that’s what happens. You don’t complain about it and blame police for you feeling some of the effects of tear gas.

Ferguson Missouri has enough problems right now. They don’t need the TV news reporters causing more.