We hear about it almost every day because it probably happens almost every day.

And sometimes it erupts into terrible tragedies that headline the news.

Domestic violence.

Last week, it was the story of Ronald Haskell who’s accused of killing six members of his ex-wife’s family from San Marcos because he was mad after a divorce. 

This week, a young man in Oceanside is found guilty of brutally killing his ex-girlfriend and stuffing her body under a bed because he was mad that she had another boyfriend.

In Haskell’s case and in many others, the men have been abusive for some time, had restraining orders against them.

These cases have raised questions once again about domestic violence laws and whether they need to be tougher so these guys get treatment or are locked up before they can kill.

They also raise questions about whether wives, families and friends are reporting incidents to police when they should….before things get too violent and even deadly.

Maybe these most recent cases will lead to changes in laws and behavior that will reduce the number of domestic violence nightmares.