It happened this week and it happened a couple of weeks ago and it probably happens more than we know except not every incident ends up on You Tube.

This week it happened to two news anchors on an L-A TV station doing live coverage of that massive water main break that flooded UCLA.

A caller pretended to be someone who was an expert on how a water main could break like that and he was trying to fool the anchors.  He did and the anchors embarrassed themselves and their station.

The same thing happened on MCSNBC when someone posing as a military expert got on the air and the anchor never had a clue and looked like a fool.

In both cases and in all these cases, the news anchor and producers are not paying attention or sadly, they may not be smart enough to get it.

Whatever the reason, it’s a symptom of a problem in the TV news business.  Spending so much time trying to keep you watching with scary teases and sensational treatment of stories, sometimes, some of them don’t give enough attention to accuracy and credibility.